ASIA AFRICA DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (ADCO) Conduct short training Certificate Programs for maximum of One month or two weeks in different fields. Our short courses are  limited to; Asia Africa Development Council (ADCO) Conducts our tailor made short certificates In association with repute university and institution. Upon successful completion of the training you will get an accreditation Training Certification from Asia Africa Development Council.

Please apply now for certificate programme as per the intake ; Training will begin on 28th of Every month at Jaipur,India with briefing from the Director General of Asia Africa Development Council. Note that its mandatory that you will have to attend classes in Computer application if you apply for International Certificate in Institutional Management or Certificate in International Business but tuition fees remain the same.

Field Based Training;

You will will also have to attend a field based sessions in leading companies in rajasthan State in India. Rajasthan State is a highly industrial economy with a GDP of over 120 Billion USD Making it one of the wealthiest states in India and Asia continent.

To apply, Please express your interest to our

Tuition Fees is: 1000 USD per course for one month


You can book your own moderate accomodation near the University in which you can be sure that you will spend like 600 USD on your accomodation for 30 days and you will spend atleast 500 USD on breakfast,lunch,dinner for 30 days.


Person between the age of 18-60 years .A business owner or Business Manager,University Students,Advanced Secondary,Government Officials,Local Government Officials,Youth Leaders,Women Leaders,etc

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