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Sustainable Peace Affairs

Sustainable Peace Affairs an International Diplomatic Journal launched by Council for Sustainable Peace and Development to promote Peace, Justice and Development to all living beings on earth. To mark the centenary year of World war PEACE still have to create its existence in the globe. International diplomatic journal shall be record of Our Global Leaders , Its Action and Activities to make available to Sustainable Peace and Development for the race of Mankind. Nowadays, Our Leaders is Trying to Establish Peace through war and WAR became business. This Journal shall be a Repository for Our Global Diplomatic Leaders and Their Journey for the Establishment of Sustainable Peace and Its also Include Diplomatic Leaders interviews and Report to Path of Development of Countries.

Poster Release Date : 18th November 2018

Name of Editor: Adam Buyanza

Editor-In Chief : Prof.(Dr.) Ripu Ranjan Sinha

Publisher : WAIMS Academic Press, Jaipur India

Managing Editor : Mr. Ashish C Swami

No of Pages: 100

Size : 21cm*29.7cm

Frequency : Quarterly

Publication Date: 15th August 2019

Mode of Publication : Online/offline

Contribution Invited: Council for Sustainable Peace and Development is Inviting contribution from Diplomatic Organization, Various Govt Department Leaders interviews , Research Report, News and Articles in respective domain.
KINDLY NOTE: Article and Contribution Must Submitted upto : 31st July 2019 to or
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