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Open Letter to President Museveni on Uganda-USA Foreign Relations from Luzindana Adam Buyinza

Global Peace Champion Award Winner 2020

Your Excellency sir, in the next five years,, the government must really focus on strategically promoting it’s foreign relations with USA and it’s allies but not forgetting it’s neighbours and other states.

Uganda’s foreign relations as been good and meaningful and it’s the reason you have been in power for long .However i see our foreign relations with USA and it’s allies declining and this is dangerous in the real world of governance and the new world order.We must rethink and adopt better strategies to implement our foreign policy while also catering for the foreign policy of USA and it’s allies…It’s important to note that every year USA pump over 900m usd into the governance of Uganda in different sector and it’s prudent that we accept that USA allies have a huge stake in Uganda considering their financial contribution in the judiciary,trade, governance,education,NUSAF,prdp,etc..we must consider such nation while implementing our foreign policy and we must find better ways of communicating to them other than using provocative statements of some NRM Party Officials and Government Officials..

You have been a great leader but some sectors are letting u down and it might be costly for you and our country.

Uganda good foreign relations with USA and it’s allies has been the core of the peace and prosperity we enjoy in Uganda and we must always promote it.Uganda is independent but it has a foreign policy which it must promote but it can’t be promoted effectively without considering the foreign policies of our neighbours and the foreign Powers.

In the next five years of your leadership Mr president, you ought to focus on bolstering a meaningful and friendly strategy towards implementation of our foreign policy..we need to adopt better strategies including talking and engaging USA foreign policy officials as well as angry ugandans in middle East and in USA and Europe, we need to promote dialogue other than abusive statements of some government officials, we need the SIASA strategy of NRA not the pride of NRM Government Officials, we need to adopt both overt and covert approach while implementing our foreign policy, we need to rethink and study the foreign policy of USA and it’s allies, we need to build systems that will yield better results in pursuit of our foreign policy, we need foot soldiers deployed abroad purposely to engage ugandans but also strategically engage the policy implementers in USA and in Europe…A poor Uganda foreign relations lead to deminished foreign direct investment and hence declining tourism earnings…

The USA Foreign Policy in the Biden/Harris Administration will focus on a strong USA both at home and abroad.Note that the USA Foreign Policy remain the same but the strategies of implementation changes basing on the USA administration.It can be implemented diplomatically, or through violence, war and sanctions..

In brief the Biden/Harris USA foreign policy will be as follows:

1-Protect the American citizens both at home and abroad.This can be done through diplomacy, dialogue,sanctions or war if deemed necessary.

2-To maintain and consolidate access to Natural resources and markets worldwide.This even include defending the interest of USA Allies.

3-To Maintain the balance of power and USA Hegemony.This include ensuring that USA maintain superiority over the World water bodies,and the Air as well as maintaining control over the military power and operating Military Bases worldwide..

4-To promote and ensure human rights and democracy allover the world. This include USA capacity to work closely with people and civil society worldwide .Ensure that governments worldwide respect the rights of it’s citizens.

Your Excellency sir, you have been an icon in promoting the USA foreign policy in Uganda and in the great lakes region but your government officials have failed to understand this and even build on it to ensure a strong foreign relations of Uganda with the west.

If your government continue to promote USA strategic interests in the great lakes region and also help USA to bolster it’s foreign policy, be assured that you will remain in power and Uganda will benefit more from USA and it’s allies including USA increasing it’s contribution to Uganda national budget while also building an independent national army and a robust health sector not forgetting bolstering Uganda-USA trade relation.

However it’s time we must begin to lay a foundation for a peaceful transition which you are committed to as a Peace Champion..Lastly you must never forget that NRM Came to power due to the popular support of the poor and the peasants but as of now the NRM as detached itself from the people who led to it’s victory in 1986..It’s not late Mr President for you to rethink and act now.

I remain Luzindana Adam Buyinza a citizen of Uganda and Prof. Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha Citizen of India with vast interest in USA foreign policy towards Africa,the Baltic Sea,the Balkans/Former Yugoslavia and Middle East…Let us serve the poor at home and let us ensure a strong foreign relations which is harmless to the USA Foreign Policy and it’s strategic Interests.

For God and my Country.

The Author is Luzindana Adam Buyinza,Team Leader
Public Opinions


Council for Sustainable Peace and Development
Asia Africa Development Council (ADCO)
New Delhi, Republic of India


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