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Membership Drive 1 $USD

Announcement : 1 $ USD Membership Offer (Session 2023- 24) 

Deuchakar Trust, United Kingdom and Asia Africa Development Council, a unit of Council for Sustainable Peace and Development opening Membership drive $ 1 USD upto 30th April 2023. All membership fee shall be utilized for the communities and humanities development projects in India, UAE and UK.

All contributors shall get membership certificate jointly from Council for the session 2023 -23 and certificate of donation under section 80G of Income tax act, Government India.

Asia Africa Development Council promoted by Council for Sustainable Peace and Development promoting sustainable peace and development for the betterment of humanity through various flagship programs in line with UNSDG 2030. Council is having status of Section 80G of the Income Tax Act that allows Individual / Corporate to claim a tax deduction on charitable contributions made during the fiscal year when they file their Income Tax Return. A unique feature of Section 80G is that there is no cap on the amount of tax-deductible donation when filing an ITR for a specific number of charities.

Council is engaged in charity work related to following activities 

    1. Innovative Education
    2. Health Care
    3. Gender Equality
    4. Clean Water and Sanitation
    5. Affordable housing for all
    6. Food Security

Your donation shall be utilized for holistic development of society, we are constantly organizing campaigns, events and activities for the upliftment of society.Council is requesting to all prospective donor to help us in making world to Sustain, to Innovate, to Develop through, Science Technology, Innovation and Environment Sustainability.

Donation Form / 1 $ USD Membership 2023 24
Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act allows you a tax deduction on donations made to Council for Sustainable Peace and Development for charitable work.

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