Oct 12 , 2018 10:26 AM IST


ADCO Certification Programme is mainly based on various course code , candidate are advised to go through the course program schedule. For further notification keep visiting web portal…

1. CEP-SDG01 Poverty Eradication |Social Protection System| Equal Right To Economic Resources |Basic Services And Ownership|Mobilization Of Resources|Policy Framework For End Poverty
2. CEP-SDG02 Food Security|Mechanism to improve nutrition|Sustainable Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries|Crop and Soil Management|Transport Management| Agriculture Database Utilization
3. CEP-SDG03 Child Health|Maternal Health|Communicable and Non Communicable Disease|Healthy lifestyle for Persons with Disabilities.
4. CEP-SDG04 Affordable Quality Education|Value based elementary education|Education for all human being|Effective learning education|Vocational and Territory education|Entrepreneur Development Program|Train the Trainer Program|Trainer Exchange Program|One Nation One Education System|Global Innovative Learning (GIL) Practices
5. CEP-SDG05 Discriminations Eradication|Eliminate harmful practices Recognize and value unpaid care and domestic work|Effective participation and Equal Opportunity|Universal access to sexual and reproductive health / rights|Equal access / right to economic resources|Clean and safe Sanitation|Policy and in-forcible|legislation for promotion of Gender Equality
6. CEP-SDG06 Water quality strengthen |Water scarcity |Water resource management|Protect and restore water ecosystem|Support and strengthen Participation of local community in improving water and sanitation management
7. CEP-SDG07 Sustainable Energy for all|Affordable Reliable and modern services|Strengthen the mechanism of Renewable Energy|Investment Opportunity in Energy Infrastructure
8. CEP-SDG08 Economic Productivity|Diversification of Technological upgrading &Innovation|Development oriented policies for Economic Growth|Eradication of force labor, end modern slavery and human trafficking| Prohibition and elimination of worst form of Child labor |Employment framework|Sustainable Tourism|Trade related Technical assistance to LDC(least developed countries)
9. CEP-SDG09 Reliable Sustainable and resilient infrastructure|Sustainable Industrialization|Responsible Access of MSME|Support local technology development, research and innovation in developing country|Technology Transfer to LDC
10. CEP-SDG10 Balancing Income Growth|Social, Political and Economic inclusion of all|Equal opportunity|Fiscal, Wedges and Social Protection policy|Regulation and Monitoring of Global financial market|Implementation of planned and well managed migration policy|Encourage official development assistance and financial flow
11. CEP-SDG11 Adequate Safe and affordable housing|Basic service for Slums|Sustainable Human Management Planning|Sustainable Transport|Waste Management|Holistic Disaster Risk Management|Sustainable and Resilient building using local materials
12. CEP-SDG12 10 Year Framework program on Sustainable production and consumption|Efficient use of Natural resources|Post harvesting losses Control|Supply Chain Management|Impact on Human health and environment|Reduce waste generation|Public procurement practices| Efficient energy utilization|Over Consumption control
13. CEP-SDG13 Integrate Climate change measures into national policy and strategy|Human and Intuitional awareness in climate change mitigation adoption and reduction|Operatinoalize Green climate fund|Rising capacity for effective climate change|UN Framework on Climate Change|Emission reduction of Green house gases|Follow Paris agreement COP21 December 2015
14. CEP-SDG14 Reduce marine pollution|Marine debris and nutrient pollution|Impact of Ocean acidification|Effective regulate harvesting and End overfishing|Economic benefits to small irland developing state|Increase scientific knowledge|Develop Research capacity and Marine technology|Association with oceanographic commission|EUNCLOS : Legal framework for conservation and Sustainability|Marine transport management|Marine Tourism|Aqua resource management
15. CEP-SDG15 Sustainable use of Terrestrial and inland water ecosystem|Forest Management|Restore degraded soil and land|Conservation of Mountain ecosystem|Degradation of Natural habitats.|Poaching and trafficking of protected species of flora and fauna
16. CEP-SDG16 Reduce all form of Violence and related Death|End abuse exploitation and trafficking|Equal access to justice for all|Illicit financial and arm flow|Mechanism for reduction Corruption and bribery|Effective accountable and transparent institutional framework|Effective decision making|Global Governance|Enforce non discriminatory law and policies
17. CEP-SDG17 Domestic resource mobilization|Attaining long term debt sustainability|Adopt and implement investment regimes for LDC|Triangular regional and International cooperation|Operationalise Knowledge Bank|Capacity Building|North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation|Equilateral multi trading system|Duty free and quota free market access|Micro economic stability|Global Partnership for sustainable development|Promotion of effective public private and civil society partnership|Multi Stake holder partnership|Data monitoring and accountability|Knowledge Network and super I-Way.