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About Accrediation

In line with United National Sustainable Development agenda and foster the Mechanism of Quality  standards for Academic and Corporate to address the special needs of the 21st century Professionalism and profession.  Council regularly reviews its accreditation standards and processes for opportunities to improve relevance, maintain currency, and increase value. This edition of the standards was adopted by the ADCO Accreditation Council in April 2018. The accreditation standards and processes are updated annually by the Committee on Accreditation Policy (CAP) and the ADCO Board of Directors.


 ADCO International’s vision is to transform business education for global prosperity. Business and business Institutions are a force for good, contributing to the world’s economy and to society, and ADCO plays a significant role in making that benefit better known to all stakeholders − serving business Institutions, students, business and society.


To foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education. This mission is aligned with ADCO accreditation standards for business Institutions. ADCO strives to continuously improve engagement among business, faculty, institutions, and students so that business education is aligned with business practice. To fulfill this goal, ADCO will encourage and accelerate innovation to continuously improve business education. As a result, business education will have a positive impact on business and society − and ADCO will amplify that impact. In achieving its mission and vision, ADCO will emphasize and model the following values: Quality, Inclusion & Diversity, a Global Mindset, Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Community. A collegiate Institutions/ Corporate House  offering degrees in Domain of Expertise may apply for an ADCO Accreditation review.