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Welcome to ADCO

An organisation which is selflessly giving its best towards sustainable peace & development

ASIA AFRICA DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (ADCO) managed by Council for Sustainable Peace and Development approved by Ministry of Corporate affairs, Government of India is committed to promote sustainable peace and development across the globe in line with United Nations Sustainable development goals. ADCO conducts regular and continuous strategic consultative meetings on peace, development, quality products and services, Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance, International trade, Global Conventions etc. ADCO is to hold series of meetings with international and regional organizations as well as with Political Leaders from Asia and Africa. ADCO conducts International Fellowship Certification Sessions in which selected participants are accredited and certified as “Fellows” of The Asia Africa Development Council. The Fellowship sessions enables participants to get International Certification and Accreditation in Public and Corporate Management. We are committed to generate ideas and communicate to leaders worldwide through our startup mentorship policy. Our priority is continuous reminder and engagement of all stakeholders to work towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ongoing Development Activities

ADCO is engaged in the following developmental activities to promote sustainable development 


ADCO has been doing a really great job for the betterment of society since so long. Enlight yourself by watching some of our videos describing about our mission, vission and work

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We are here to help you in every possible manner we can. Asia Africa Development Council is meant to support anyone who is intended to give his/her support for sustainable peace & development